Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Down-Fi – America Now

The Down-Fi, formed by Craig Bell, guitarist with Cleveland proto-punk legends Rocket From The Tombs, whose other members would go on to become Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys. Bell, instead, moved east, and made a less conspicuous music career with the beautifully named Saucers, The Plan and The Bell System. Now settled in Indianapolis, he’s teamed up with some noisy locals, and The Down-Fi is the result. Their sound refers directly back to the alternative, pre-punk early ‘70s, where guitarists like Tom Verlaine, Robert Quine and Jonathan Richman were intent on resurrecting the Velvets’ spiky six-string solos for a generation far more interested in post-hippy prog and soft country rock. Remarkably, it all sounds as fresh as a daisy. Maybe it’s because Bell is close to the source, his influences remain untainted and his intent, pure. Whatever. America Now sounds like the answer to a lot of questions. (Gustav Group)

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